The Feel>


Three gay high school outcasts dare to take charge of their sexuality, unknowingly setting in motion dangerous, life-changing events.


Steve, George and David believe themselves to be a different species from their straight high school classmates.

Steve is at the top of the gay food chain. His spit and swagger at once intimidates and elicits envy from his gay classmates and keeps him from being bullied by the jocks. He manipulates other students to pose for his drawings in a ritual of seduction. When Steve starts up a questionable friendship with his art teacher Mr. McGough, he risks upsetting the balance of power he’s created at school.

For awkward freshman David, high school is a minefield of constant bullying. He copes by retreating into a private world of colorful fantasy, narrating his life back to himself as fiction. David clumsily loses his virginity to Steve. Wanting to emulate Steve, he attempts to seduce the school star athlete, with potentially deadly consequences for them both.

Stoner George stumbles through each day almost numb from dealing with his mother’s cancer and a father he can barely speak to. He ignores the advice of his guidance counselor by getting high all day and cruising older men after school. George meets Phillip, a lonely older man, who he lets push him to sexual extremes in order to feel. When George discovers that he isn’t the only boy in Phillip’s life, he recklessly goes in search of someone to make him feel what Phillip did.

As Steve, George and David increasingly put themselves in harms way, they unknowingly come within reach of a terrifying stranger who may be responsible for the murder of a missing boy. Each must face the consequences of his actions, and choose between yielding to self-destruction or coming together with the others to survive.